Elian Primary Health Center


The overall objective:
The Primary Health Centre (PHC) provided 3 types of medical services: Reproductive Health, Paediatric services and internal medicine. The PHC disposed of a pharmacy for the free distribution of medicines as necessary, and a centre delivering PSS and GBV services for women. The PHC included: a gynaecologist, internal doctor, lab doctor in charge of blood tests, pharmacist, nurses and a GBV and PSS specialist.

1.700 Between adults (men and women) and children (boys and girls).

Location: District/Sub-district:
Al Hassakeh – Al-Malikeyyeh– Al-Malikeyyeh – Al-Malikeyyeh.

Duration of the Project:
12/06/2016 – 12/09/2016 – Extended by WHOSD to 12/03/2017.
The project was implemented for additional 6 months – until 03/2017 – directly by the White Hats.


Act Now Children’s Fund.


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