White Hats for Sustainable Development is committed to protecting the privacy of people and maintaining the security of personal information provided by the people who use our website, web pages on other sites such as the main pages and social networking sites.


What do we do with users’ information?

When you use our website to donate, subscribe to our newsletter, or fill out a form expressing your interest in our activities, you will voluntarily provide your personal information- such as your name, email address, and other information. We use this personal information to contact with you and provide you with services and information on the work of the organization.


Cancelling from the newsletter

Users who provide their email address and /or donate using the organization’s website and choose to receive emails from us, receive the organization’s e-newsletter and other updates via e-mail. We also occasionally communicate via direct email, phone, and SMS. Each email sent by the organization includes an option to delete your address from the mailing list. You can also delete your name from the mailing list by sending an email informing us about that.



In addition to the personal information you share with us for a particular purpose, the organization also collects information from anonymous source about your browsing behavior upon visiting our website by using cookies. By using the organization’s website, you agree that we can use the following cookies on your computer, your phone, or your mobile device.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that consist of letters and numbers placed in your computer or other portable devices when you access the organization’s website. The Organization uses cookies to gather necessary information about you, to ensure the performance of our website and to target its audience and to modify the content in accordance with the public request on our website or otherwise. When you visit our site, answer surveys, questionnaires or when you request information, we send cookies to your device. Approving cookies on our website does not authorize us to obtain information identifying your identity, but we can use to identify your computer. The encrypted information collected by cookies is used to check the performance of our website, to improve using it and to remind you of our work and how you can support us after you leave the website. This information still remains anonymous and depends on behavior and not on personal characteristics.





Disabling cookies

If you do not want to download cookies on your computer or your phone, you can set your browser to notify you before you get cookies so you either accept or reject. You can also set your browser to block cookies. In this case, some sections of the website may not work properly.


How to use cookies on our website:

We preserve transparency with users on how to use cookies, so that you are aware of how to protect your privacy when using the website.

We use cookies for the following reasons:

  1. To improve your experience on our website – cookies enable us to ensure that you are provided with the content you are interested in and to delete inappropriate content. For example, cookies inform us if you have shown interest in a particular case or campaign so we ensure prioritizing sharing information for that emergency case or campaign.
  2. To view the performance of our website and other communication means: cookies help to provide us with anonymous source statistics that enable us to know the number of users who visit our website and where they come from and how to interact with them. This information is very useful because it enables us to see the most popular pages or materials in the website.


Upload content to social networks

If you upload the content on a social network and share with us, this will be subject to the terms of use and the website privacy policy. Please pay attention to the website terms and privacy policy that may differ from others in terms of content submission.


Changing Privacy Policy Notification

We will review or update this policy if our practices change or we develop better ways to share with you. Thus, we invite you to visit this section of our site periodically to be informed of any changes. Changes to the Policy apply as of the date of publication on our Site and are not retroactive