Provision of WaSH services in communities and health facilities minimizing COVID-19 risk in Jarablus district in NWS.


On the 27th of August, the Regional Director of White Hats Organization for Sustainable Development WHOSD, Mrs. Maryam Shamdin, visited the field sites of one of the WaSH projects that are supported by UNICEF in the northwest of Syria, Jarablus district. Mrs. Shamdin visits the health facilities of one of our health partners, where WHOSD is rehabilitating the WaSH facilities of these facilities and discussed with the field team of WHOSD and the partner the progress of the implementation, main challenges, and the timeframe of the project plan in practice. Additionally, Mrs. Shamdin visited the camps, where WHOSD is constructing WaSH facilities (latrines and bath blocks) for the Internally Displaced Person IDPs, besides the provision of drinking water, water containers, and waste management. The field visit was part of the regional director supervision on the progress of the project that is supported by one of WHOSD strategic partners in the area; UNICEF, that is designed and implemented by WHOSD responding to the current outbreak of COVID-19 in northwest Syria by improving the hygienic awareness levels among the IDPs and host communities, deliver WaSH emergency services, provide WaSH services in health facilities, and improve the capacity of the humanitarian actors regarding the COVID-19 precautions.