SYR WCH Education and Psychosocial support for vulnerable children in Syria – War Child


War Child/ Swiss Development Cooperation.

Project Activities:
This project, offering remedial education activities with additional PSS and awareness activities,
successfully managed to reach a total of beneficiaries that exceeded the initial number. The activities were provided at White Hats centre in Ar-Raqqa, where children have been helped in keeping on with school activities, providing remedial education in accordance with the school programs. Moreover, the presence of the mobile team helped delivering activities to a broader target, especially if considering the countryside of Raqqa, whose areas are hard to reach, and few activities are implemented. Awareness activities have achieved the intended objective of 7000 beneficiaries, tackling key issues such as Child Protection (CP) Mine Risk Education (MRE) delivered to 3000 beneficiaries and Back to Learning (BTL) delivered to 4000 beneficiaries.

A total of 6.754 beneficiaries between adults (women and men) and children (boys and girls) of host
communities and IDPs.

Location: District/Sub-district:

Duration of the Project:
Six Months, From November 1 st 2018 to May 31 st 2019.

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