Improving accessibility to WASH services for children in Ar-Raqqa rural schools

Activity Subject: Improved Water quality at schools.

Date: 1-10-2019 to 15-12-2019. Duration: 2 month and 15 days.

Donor/Partner: UNICEF.

Beneficiaries: 1815.

Project/Activity Aim: 90 % of FRC tests results at schools level that are above 0.2mg/L.

Summary of the Project/Activity: Testing Water in Laboratory. Providing and installing Chlorine Injection Pump. Providing Calcium hypochlorite Ca(CIO)2
Daily water FRC test. Chlorination and sterilization of water.

Comments: The activity was carried out in schools Huzifah bin al Yaman, Alrasheed Almuhadatheh, and Hawi Hawa elementary and secondary schools which Affiliated with Al-Qahtaniya Educational Complex.

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