Improving accessibility to WASH services for children in Ar-Raqqa rural schools

Activity Subject: Improved access to WASH facilities and services in schools

Date: 15-09-2019 to 30-11-2019. Duration: 2 month and 15 days.

Donor/Partner: UNICEF.

Beneficiaries: 1815.

Project/Activity Aim: 3 schools that have improved access to WASH basics services. 1815 students and staff have access to improved WASH facilities and services. 3 liters delivered per student per day. 1:30 Students to toilet seat ratio.

Summary of the Project/Activity: Rehabilitation of latrines blocks in schools
Extension of latrines blocks in schools. Extension of latrines in schools for children with disabilities. Maintenance of sewage network in schools. Provision and installation of water tanks for schools. Provision of garbage bins for the toilets. Procurement and installation of solid waste containers. Rehabilitation water fountains in schools. Maintenance of water connection between school and community network

Comments: The activity was carried out in schools Huzifah bin al Yaman, Alrasheed Almuhadatheh, and Hawi Hawa elementary and secondary schools which Affiliated with Al-Qahtaniya Educational Complex.

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